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A beautiful and touching present. My wife loves it and while hanging in our living room it always makes us remember the time we first met.

Markus F.

The picture's quality is way better than expected. Simple modern design with a wonderful depth.

Sarah M.

Found this quite accidentally just when our little Paula was born. Now we look at her personal stars every night before going to bed.

Lina S.

Your Starmap - For a very unique Moment

Simple Editor

We have created for you a simple, easy to use Editor. Create your own very unique Starmap, that will always remind you on that special moment. Works on any Devices!


Multiple options

Create a Starmap of your choice. Add constellations, activate the grid or let the stars shine for themselves.



Every Starmap comes with the time and the location of your very special moment. Personalize your Starmap with a message from the bottom of your heart.


How it's done

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